Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Rage v Grace

So on Saturday night past, we had the joys of someone walking into our house in the middle of the night and helping themselves to our beautiful macbook, Aaron's new mobile, our house phone, my purse and camera.
Yeah you got me - they just walked in!!

In the hype of contractions (that didn't come to anything in the end) we ended up forgetting to lock our front door. And so made it very accessible for someonw to just come on in.
Obviously we've had lots of comments "oh you should always lock your door". Duh - bit of an obvious one really, and a lesson/mistake that we've learned from.

It seems in moments like this that people tend to pass blame onto us for not locking our door and almost come at us with this attitude of "it serves you right".

Yes we made a fatal mistake - but surely the issue is about people thinking they have the right to walk into our house and help themselves to our property without our permission.

Yeah we're raging our stuff was stolen - who wouldn't be. We're even hearing rumours that people know who did it and where this person lives. We've even driven past the said house.

I've been reading Shane Claibournes book 'An irristable Revolution' and it's stirred my thinking of how ordinary people in ordinary moments can be radicals in their response to things.
We dedided the other day to give some money away after our walk in (cos I can't call it a break in).
Well to be honest - Aaron gave it away to someone before we confirmed who we'd give it to. But I had thoughts of dropping it through the door of this house where apparently our little theif lives. He's obviously in need of something if he feels the need to steal. How different - instead of blessing nice people who deserve it, we bless the people who annoy us and in a way don't deserve it. What a true example of extended Grace!
Being an ordinary Radical! Well we've no money left to give, cos we went down the nice people route - but I'm regretting not giving it our little friend the theif.
Who knows what Acts of Random Kindness (stolen from Evan Almighty) can do to a persons soul.
It's funny cos there's nothing but christian music on the itunes on the laptop, accompanied by sermon notes and videos. Maybe he'll read something, maybe he'll change, or maybe he won't. Who knows?

But Grace wins everytime.

He might get some grace yet!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

3 years

So it's been a whole 3 years of marriage for me and the lovely Aaron as of Tuesday 9th October. Friday marked another milestone of being together for 8 years and I can't believe it at all.
We seemed to have come so far.
I'm still totally in love with the love of my life - and it really has been an amazing 3 years of marriage.

People always seem so negative when you start saying that you're getting married. I can remember when we got engaged - and hearing lots of comments "oh that's you now". Then you have the good old insights of people who struggled when they got married - "oh the first year's the worst". And then when you announce you're pregnant - "oh that's really you now, sleepless nights, social life is no more."

And guess what - number 2 is nearly here and "having 2 is a whole new league, it really ties you down."

It seems as though everyone is really keen to place their own experiences automatically onto you. Aaron and I got really annoyed at this when the first round of comments came flying in when we got engaged. We rebuked every negative word that was spoken over us time and time again.

And here we are - either we're still living in that honeymoon period (though I'm pretty sure we're not), or we're just simply living our life our own way - blessed by God.
Life with Lily is truly amazing. And guess what - she is like the most amazing sleeper ever, and if anything we are still as busy if not busier. She comes too.
And apparently "you never get 2 the same". Well we've rebuked that as well..... so we'll see.

Rant officially over lol!