Monday, 9 January 2012

Held by Him

I had the great privilege of speaking in church just before christmas on trust. Such a simple word that we all know and yet it's the foundation of our relationship with God. Trusting in His perfect love is where it all begins.
Children are the best examples when it comes to demonstrating trust. Jesus himself said that we need to become childlike to see Kingdom and all that it brings. It's being like a child and simply believing Him and taking Him at his word. Particularly young children don't tend to ask how things are going to happen - they just go with it. They take us as their parents at our word.

I had an incredible sense this week of being held by God. It got me thinking about what that actually means. A lot of lovely newborns have been added to our church family recently and of course everyone wants to hold them. No-one is going to drop them (well in theory) they're secure, at rest and aren't even wondering "I hope they're holding on tight." That thought doesn't even enter their little heads - they relax and enjoy the fact that someone has got them.
However something instinctively changes as we get a bit older. Even my girls who are not 4 & 6, when I'm holding them, you can be sure that they've got a fist on my clothes and are in turn holding for grim death onto me. I'm not going to drop them, but yet they instinctively hold on to me too.

I honestly felt challenged this week by God to let go of my grip on Him, He's not going anywhere. He has got me. Why is this a big challenge??
It's takes trust to let go and believe that he's holding onto to me and I can relax.

There is an incredible rest and freedom that comes from knowing that we are held and have the attention and affection of our creator. There's nothing we can do, but like a newborn, snuggle in, relax and know that we are indeed Held by Him.