Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Exciting times...

I am actually horrific at blogging these days.
My obsession with twitter and facebook status updates has taken over. I need help!!
It's probably best at times I limit what I say lol - this blog gets me in trouble.

Anyhow - there are times when a word count gets annoying and you can't get to say all you really want to.
This season is life is.... how shall I put it..... EPIC, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, GREAT! Yup - that pretty much sums it up.

I am so excited for 2011.
God has been so faithful and true to his word. I've always been excited about the bible - but something is different these days. I'm not even sure I can explain it with words.
But that 'little black book' or in my case 'PINK' - is God's word!!
Sometimes we can get caught up in what is God saying now - and that is important that we tune in to that - but how incredible to know that we have a reference, a point, pages that we can turn to and find everything we need to know about our God.

The truth is - He never changes. He's the same, yesterday, today and forever.
He's not going to say something 'out of character'.

Maybe we hear God the most when we understand His character.
It should never be "what's God going to do?" We have this incredible book - a consistent God - that points us in the right direction.

This recently has been my constant!

When life can get crazy - the one thing that remains true is the word of God.
May our experiences and circumstances never have us doubting the truth of God and His word.

Apparently 2011 marks the 500th year anniversary of the bible being translated in English. I feel the need to do something to mark it.... haven't a clue what. But my brain is ticking.
Suggestions welcome lol

Lets treasure this treasure!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The great love story...

It’s the glorious time of year again that I just absolutely love. EASTER!
Nothing to do with chocolate, holidays or time of work, but because it’s all about Jesus: and not simply just about a person, but an ‘action’ that this person did that changed the course of the entire world.

What happened to Jesus on the cross was truly astounding. It’s not just a story, a gruesome story at that, but a plan that was set out from the beginning of the world in an attempt to restore creation back to it’s creator.
I love this rescue story.

What I love even more about it, is that over the last few years I’ve really understood it. The ‘completed’ work of the cross. The ‘finished’ work of Jesus. The reality that everything I need in life flows from that great act of love, the great exchange of His life for mine and that completely blows my mind.
I don’t need to try and get, I don’t need ‘more faith’ before I receive – I simply need to believe in the last few words that my Jesus spoke on the cross ‘it is finished’.
I have no doubt today, that God is urging us to see that all was provided for us at the cross. Our salvation, our healing, dare I say prosperity (controversial) our freedom.
Label me a health and wealth gospel preacher all you like – I would rather believe that the victory of my Lord on that great day, defeating EVERYTHING that I struggle with is actually true according to HIS word, not mine.
There is power in the cross. I don’t need to do anything but receive what Jesus provided.

The enemy has done a fantastic job at convincing people that they need to add to the work of Jesus. There is nothing to add, it is complete.

This Easter chose to REST in all that Jesus has done for you.

“It is done, It is won
The battle is over now
It is done”

Amen and a big THANK YOU TO MY MAN JC :)