Friday, 18 January 2008

Graceful Performance.....

At age 18 GRACE became a word that totally revolutionized by life, and my relationship with God reached a whole other level.

It's the 19th January 2008, I'm now 26 and I'm sitting in bed reading Grace: The Power of the Gospel by Andrew Wommack. Once again I sit totally in awe of this amazing free gift.
I've just realised how this one small word is the biggest part of my relationship with God. I'm now wondering what I've been doing in the last 8 years, because somewhere down the line I'd forgotten this.

Grace amazed me in my late teens and all I wanted to do was live for God who gave me this wonderful free gift. Serving Him was amazing. In the years of all the serving (and I only know this now looking back) I've slipped into my old thinking of trying to please God through my serving.
I know that it pleases Him, but it doesn't put me any more in rightstanding with Him. He loves me. God loves Jill Boyd. Jesus died for Jill Boyd. And the Holy Spirit living in Jill Boyd has gently showed me once again that Godly truth, that He loves me no matter what.

The performance doesn't matter to Him.
But it matters to me. A performance this time, not to earn any more approval (theres no more to earn). But a performance of sheer gratitude out of a heart that's bursting with joy, knowing that if she messes up the performance, it doesn't matter anyway.
The cross finished it.
Jesus paid it all.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Could someone pass the tissues???

Ok - I've found the first book that's ever made me cry. It's an historical moment.

I know people recommend books all the time including me, but this book is a must read. It's so flippin amazing! This is the long awaited second book by Wendy Alec - so you have to read the first one as well, which is as equally amazing.

I love Jesus a whole lot more after reading 2 of the most amazing chapters last night in bed. He truly is amazing!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Read your bible, pray every day if you want to grow

Every turn of the year I always try to make a goal for that year - I hate the term new years resolution. It reminds me of things that I've not achieved and given up on with the rest of the world. I know that changing the phrase doesn't do anything but I'm setting goals, not resolutions this year anyway.

But I always set out the 'goal' to read more. I love to read - but time just doesn't allow it these days. The one thing I'm eager to do is not to allow the ordinary books of life take the place of the best book ever - the bible in case you're wondering.
I know that definitely in my life - I've often replaced the reading of THE Holy book with books about the Holy book. How easy is that to do? (or am I the only one)

I can't remember who it was that told me there goal of reading the bible twice a year and the changing their translation ever 2 years. But I think it's a good goal to aim towards. I always say I'm going to read the word cover to cover in the year - but never do. Chronicles kills me lol.

I bought Paul Reids Life Jouranl (advertising lol) from church a few months back when it went on sale, but couldn't cope with starting the reading plan at the end of the year - poor excuse I know.
But I'm amazed to realise that you only need to read 3.25 chapters of the bible a day to do it in a year! I totally thought it was more than that. But it seems totally doable whenever I think about how many chapters of a good novel I read at night.

So I"m going to read 3 chapters of the NT daily and 4 chapters of the OT daily. You can ask me how that's going at any point - or better still join me.

This year is the year of more - more reading the Words of Life!